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Dnepr K-750 without a sidecar ("Дніпро" К-750)


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 Manufacturer Kyiv Motorcycle Plant (KMZ)
 Model name

Dnepr K-750 without a sidecar ("Дніпро" К-750)

 Years of production 1958 - 1970

Four-stroke, 2 cylinder 0.34 L. Opposed

 Power  26 hp.
 Max speed  90 km/h.
 Fuel tank capacity  22 L.
 Fuel consumption 3.5 L/100 km.
 Dimensions  2430x1500x1100 mm.
 Transmission  4-speed manual, drive shaft
 Wet-Weight 210 kg.











 The K-750 was the first of the 750cc machines built in Kyiv Motor Works (KMZ) Ukraine. It was similar to the Russian IMZ M-72 (frame, engine, plunger rear suspension etc) except for a few details: it used short leading link front forks, full width aluminum hubs as used up to the end of KMZ, different handle bar levers, black speedometer face and a few other minor details.





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