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"Volin" LuAZ-969M ("Волынь" ЛуАЗ-969М)


 Luaz 969m 01



Lutsk Automobile Plant (Luaz)

 Model name "Volin" LuAZ-969M ("Волынь" ЛуАЗ-969М)
 Years of production  1979 - 1996
 Body style  3 door phaeton
 Car layout 4 × 4. front-engine, all wheel drive

MeMZ-969A, 4 cyl. 1.2 L. 40 hp.

 Transmission  4-speed manual
 Max speed 85 km/h
 Fuel tank capacity 34 L
 Fuel consumption 10 L / 100 km.
 Dimensions 3370x1640x1790 mm.
 Cargo capacity 400 kg.
 Curb weight 970 kg.











The LuAZ (ZAZ) -969 was a Soviet four-wheel drive automobile built by the Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant (ZAZ) the Lutsk Automobile Plant (Luaz). The first Soviet vehicle with front wheel drive, it was based on the LuAZ (ZAZ) -967.

Developing ideas from the unbuilt Moskvitch 415 prototype, designers used the LuAZ-967 as a basis for a four-wheel drive vehicle. They added a body to the LuAZ's bare form, and fitted a 30 hp (22 kW; 30 PS) 887 cc (54.1 cu in) MeMZ 966 air-cooled four-cylinder engine. No other mechanical changes were made.

Luaz 969m 05a

A pre-production batch of fifty was created in 1965, dubbed ZAZ-969, and production was authorized in 1966 as the 969V.

Luaz 969m 07

Its pioneering (for a Soviet car) front wheel drive was due to a lack of drivable rear axles from the supplier, which was giving priority to the LuAZ-967. Nevertheless, the 969 performed well, with a weight of only 1,340 kg (2,950 lb) (thanks in part to a soft top) and an 1,800 mm (71 in) wheelbase.The transmission was a four-speed. Since 1967, the car has been manufactured at the Lutsk Automobile Plant (LuAZ), four-wheel drive became standard. Аlthough until 1975 it was produced under the ZAZ brand.

In 1975, the LuAZ-969A replaced the original 969, offering a new 40 hp (30 kW; 41 PS) 1,197 cc (73.0 cu in) MeMZ 969 four-cylinder engine. It survived until 1979.

Luaz 969m 08

This was followed by a hard-top panel van version in 1977, known as the 969F, with a 400 kg (880 lb) payload, which was only built in small quantities.
LuAZ began developing a replacement for the 969A in 1974, the 969M, exhibited in our museum. It entered production in 1979 and was named Volin, for the region around Lutsk (where the factory was located).

Luaz 969m 09

It retained the 40 hp (30 kW; 41 PS) engine, but changed to disk brakes with servo assist. Door locks were added. Folding windshield was standard.

Luaz 969m 03

Exports were limited, though it proved popular in Italy, where Martorelli also offered it with a Ford engine.

Luaz 969m 10

Since 1992, the production of the "Volyn" - a modernized version of the 969M with Tavria 53 hp engine (1992 - 2002) began.

Luaz1302 05

Other modifications:

LuAZ 13021 "Volyn" a pick-up version of 1302 (1991-1998)

Luaz13021 03

LuAZ 2403 airport tractor (1979-1992)


LuAZ vehicles have been notorious for poor crash test ratings. Consequently, countless people have been ejected from these vehicles in accidents. Seatbelts did not become optional until the 2006 model year.

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